Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back to School...

I had a great summer.  Full of relaxation, family time, and trips:)  

But, now its back to work and I have had a busy week setting up my classroom and getting ready for my students to arrive.  I am very excited about only have 15 (I can't believe it!!!) students at the moment.  I am just thinking of all the neat things we can do!

I am starting off the year with a robot theme.  Here are some pictures of my classroom.  

A wonderful friend/parent made these for me!  The idea came from:  I LOVE them and they allow for so much more room in the classroom.

These are my birthday bags.  I prep the bags at the beginning of they year with b-day pencils, the calendar paper, bookmark, and treats for the students.  It makes it so easy when there is a birthday - all I have to do is going to the bag and take out the "gift."

This is my Welcome door.

This is my vocab. word wall

The large bboard in the back is going to be a "Gearing Up for our Future" board where students can post their monthly goals.  I have a large "robot" pinata to hang up there, just waiting for it to arrive.

I was a little crafty with this one…I purchased small cork board squares, covered them with black fabric and hung on the wall.