Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Animal Camouflage Reports and Safari Guide

We are an SRA Imagine It! School.  We are spending this week wrapping up our Look Again Unit.  It was so much fun discovering how different animals use camouflage to hide!  My students worked on an Animal Report to learn more about one of the animals we have been reading about in our stories.  (Thank goodness for a library full of books!).  I even have an old set of Encyclopedias in my classroom as a resource - boy did the kids have a look of total shock on their faces when I told them I didn't have internet when I grew up and had to use those big books to look up information.  Ah… this generation is so fortunate for google!

Here are a few of the completed projects - I think they turned out great:)

Here's a peek inside…

You can grab your own copy of this report and the patterns/directions for creating the safari guide at my Teacher's Notebook store.  Just click on the picture below!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

President Portrait Artists!

Today my students finished up their President's Day activities.  I would have liked to do much more - but time didn't allow.  I can't believe how busy February is with all these holidays and special days.

I think their President Portraits turned out adorable!  I love how unique they all are.  I got the great Venn diagrams from a teacher's blog last year (I am so embarrassed to say I can't remember where - if it's your creation please let me know and I will be sure to give you credit!)

Here are the step by step directions my students used to create their portraits! 

Lucky Leprechauns!!!!

It's almost March…I can't believe it.  I did a little planning "ahead" and prepared some cute little St. Patrick's Day - Leprechaun writing activities to do with my students!  If you're interested in them - I've shared them over at Teacher's Notebook.

I can't wait for my students to make these adorable little Leprechauns:)

Patterns for this Leprechaun can be found at Teacher's Notebook - Just click on the picture!

Here are some other things you'll find in my Lucky Leprechauns packet:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Fun!

Wow!  My students had so much fun yesterday that they were still talking about it today!  I am so glad for these opportunities to make learning fun:)

Here's a few snapshots of our day…

 My students enjoyed sorting their Valentine's Greeting Cards based on their attributes.  Wow were there some great homemade ones.  I am so privileged to be working with such creative students this year!  The activity directions and resources for this activity can be found at my Teacher's Notebook Store: My Sweet Valentine

They also enjoyed a read aloud of "Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse."  Then we talked about how special everyone in our class was and filled out a chart of what makes each person special.  They also reviewed the events from the story by completing a bubble map of Mouse's Valentines.  These resources are called: Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse

Then they had a chance to think about their own special qualities and made a Valentine of what they thought Mouse would give them.  These turned out adorable:)

We also had fun with candy heart explorations!

My candy heart exploration packet is also on Teacher's Notebook: Valentine's Candy Hearts and More