Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Open House Night

My school district has a Meet Your Teacher night the week before school starts.  This is just a quick meeting for the students to say hello, meet their teacher and drop off school supplies.  Then later in September we have Open House, which is where we go over everything that happens in Second Grade and what students will be learning.  I love talking with the parents and after they leave I go home thinking about all the things I forgot to tell them!

Here are the items I had on the desks for parents.  An M & M vitamin treat, a sample of student work, a poem written by the students, the yellow slip is a for the parents to leave their child a note.  The green folder is full of all that curriculum information parents need to know, a password sheet for them to access the reading, math, science and social studies text books, and an Imagine It! spelling list of words for the entire year.

A close look at the "poem" on the M & M Bottle

Students drew a map of the classroom.  They colored their desk a special color.  I handed these to the parents at the door so they could use the maps to find their child's desk.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Communities and Maps...

Here are some things we've been busy doing in Social Studies:

We use the SRA Imagine It! series for reading.  In our Back to School unit, we read Little Red Riding Hood.  Then we made a cross-curricular connection and drew maps from Little Red Riding Hood's house to Grandma's house.

Our first unit in Social Studies focused on Communities.  We created triaramas showing characteristics of a rural, suburban, and urban community.  Then in the last section they made a tree map about the three different communities.

We used "paint chip" samples to create our skyscrapers.  Thanks pinterest for the great idea!

We also learned about Florida symbols.  My students created these bubble maps to organize their symbols.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

For the Love of Our Earth

Well, this school year is in full swing.  I have a good group of kids this year and have enjoyed getting to know all 18 of them:)  

Our Imagine It! Reading story this week was called, "For the Love of Our Earth" and so we created these "Earths" and reflect on how we show kindness towards the Earth.  They turned out so cute and look great hanging from the ceiling.