Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Native Americans

This year we have new textbooks and standards in Social Studies.  I was very overwhelmed trying to come up with resources to teach my students about Native Americans.  I wanted to make it fun and memorable.  So I used the textbook as a guide and then searched the internet and pinterest to add to my lessons.  I had fun teaching about them and my students had a lot of fun creating the little projects along the way.

Here's a little peek at what we did…

We learned about the Plains Tribes - and how important it was for them to live in Teepees so they could follow the buffalo herds.  My students used symbols to decorate their teepees.

We painted rugs and made weavings for the Southwest Tribes.  The beads were Wampum from the Northeast Tribes.  I died macaroni noodles and the students made patterns and designed their own necklaces.

I have to admit when we first started this activity I thought I made a mistake and my second graders were too young.  But boy did they surprise me on how quick they caught on to the weaving part.  Next year I will be sure to set up the plates and "loom" ahead of time so all they have to do is the weaving part.  I am very pleased at how beautiful they turned out!  

Northwest Native Americans - Totem Poles

We created an information page for each group of Native Americans and then published them in this cute Native American foldable person.