Monday, March 26, 2012

The Incredible Egg Day

I am so excited to be sharing this exciting day with you!  Last Friday we had our Egg Day.  I set aside 1 special day each year (usually around Spring Break time - just before Easter) to engage my students in math and science activities centered around raw and hard-boiled Eggs.

Here are some pictures of what our day was like:

The night before… I set up the tables and groups.  I have everything color coordinated, labeled and ready to go.  I love seeing the students' faces when they walk in, in the morning… it's the same every year "ohh ahh…"  Amazing what a little colored paper on the desks can do:)
As soon as they arrived, we jumped right in to our discoveries.  I wish I would have had this year's Egg Day on video.  My students were amazing and so insightful in our discussions of why things were happening or for what reasons.  They made great predictions and drew conclusions that blew me away.  This day is what teaching is all about - a way for students to pull in everything they know and have been learning!

We measured circumferences and attempted to clean soda stained eggs with fluoride toothpaste.  I challenged the groups to see who could get their egg the cleanest.  I was amazed to see all the cooperative learning taking place and turn taking.

We balanced eggs to see which was heavier (raw or hard-boiled) and then we did a little test to see which egg would spin longer.

At the end, they completed a reflection sheet to process all the things they had done and learned.

In the afternoon we continued Egg Day with centers and Egg-cercises.

Egg Day wasn't complete until we made our delicious "chocolate" nests.

I put a 66 page packet together for anyone who is interested in having their own special Egg Day in their classroom.  I promise you - it will be an awesome and unforgettable learning experience for your students!  Go ahead, click on the picture below and check it out at my Teacher's Notebook Store.

Here is a sneak peak at what is included in the packet:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2012 EGG-cellently Fashioned Eggs!

I am so impressed with my students hard work this year!  Their egg projects turned out adorable:)  We had so much fun today in math sharing our eggy number stories.  Each student read their two number stories (one at a time) and the other students had to work out the math problems on notebook paper.  The students enjoyed their 3 min of fame being the teacher.

Here's a few pictures of their completed projects.  

My students really enjoyed this project.  After everyone shared their projects we talked about why I would assign such a project and the responses were overwhelming.  Many said to practice math, to work on writing skills, to get better at talking in front of the class, to use creativity… and so on.  I also added the fact that it gave them an opportunity to design, create (and some even said they had to redesign) their projects - those are great "pre-engineering" / scientific thinking skills.

If you'd like to do this activity with your students, I posted the project sheets at my Teacher's Notebook Store.  Enjoy and I can't wait… two days until Spring Break!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

EGG-cellently Fashioned Eggs Project

I just LOVE Spring!  We are a few short days (only 4 to go) until Spring Break.  This week we are working on an Egg Project and preparing for our very special Egg Day (more information on Egg Day coming soooon!)

I like to give my students a take-home project every so often.  Right now they are working on decorating a plastic egg.  They are then going to use their egg character to write math number stories.  They are due on Monday - but a few have come in early and WOW are they turning out awesome!!!!

Here's a few pictures of some past projects (I have been doing this project with my students for a few years now):

 Here is a sneak peak of this years projects:  
 I didn't get a picture yet - but some students have made Angry Bird Eggs and a Skunk.  (I promise to add the new eggs this week when they all come in)

If you'd like to do this project with your class - please visit my Teacher's Notebook Store and grab a copy!  I've included project direction sheets, Math Number Story recording forms, grading rubrics, student self-rating rubric, and writing extension forms!