Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Polar Regions

We had so much fun learning about the Polar Regions!  My students read articles, researched in books, and looked up information via the internet.  We practiced using nonfiction text features, main idea/details, and context clues.

First we started off learning about the Arctic vs. Antarctic.  We got a lot of information from a little brochure I typed up for them.  I also had the students do a "close" read using a Reading A to Z book - "Polar Regions of Earth" (you can find it by clicking on the title).  Both of these reading passages allowed for a lot of practice with text and graphic features.

After reading and discussing these texts, we created a Venn Diagram to sort out what we learned about the two different regions.

After we learned about the two different regions.  I split the class into two "expert teams;"  The Penguin Experts and The Polar Bear Experts.  I split the two teams into two smaller groups so I had groups of 3-4 in each.  They worked in their groups to gather information about their animal and how they survive in the Arctic or Antarctic.  My students used chart paper to record their findings.  (They just loved writing on the big chart paper with markers!)

Then I paired a Penguin Expert with a Polar Bear Expert and they had to share their knowledge with each other.  

The final step was to "formally" record all our learning.  They took their research and expertise and recorded it into a little report.  I think they turned out so cute!  

Here's our display… two of my teammates also used this unit in their classrooms.

To extend our learning, my class completed a little Take-Home project.  I think these turned out so cute!!!!  They created a "Cereal Box" Report.  You can pick up a copy to use with your students in my Teacher's Notebook Store.