Thursday, December 8, 2011

Elves of Elf Elementary

Happy Holidays Everyone!

We have had a great time these past few days in Second Grade!  My class has been busy creating wonderful writing pieces centered around the book "Elf Elementary."  I also incorporated some great activities from Mrs. Perry's Wonderful Elf Unit - check it out here:


  1. can you tell me more about the activities in the elves little suitcase? They look perfect for what I want to do with my kiddos this week! Very cute site and TONS of great ideas!
    Amy Marturano Cary, IL

    1. I love the elf activity but can't pull up the website you said to go to. Do you have the template? Thanks so much!

  2. Most of the activities in the suitcase came from Mrs. Perry's Mini Elf Unit - found at this link:

    Page 1-2 Elf Application (There is also a similar one at: (

    Page 3 - Double Bubble Map (just a generic one from Thinking Maps Book) Comparing Elf Elem. to our School

    Page 4 - Brace Map I had the students draw their own Elf - their drawings were priceless and I was so glad I didn't use clipart. They added the braces to separate out the parts of an Elf

    Page 5 - Was an Elf Survey in which they answered 4 questions and then got to add details about their elves based on their answers. Not my original idea but I say it on the preview of the Elf Glyph from Glyph Girls @ TPT. I love the survey idea because then they aren't picking their answers based on what they are getting - but what they really think. Then I told them what each answer means in the glyph code.

    Page 6 - I just used some clipart to make a writing from for the students to write their story on about what they would do/learn if they went to Elf Elementary.

    Handle - I found this on pinterest (its not for Holidays around the world - but it was just the thing I was looking for to help publish our Elves writing pieces)

    I am so grateful to all the wonderful teachers who have shared these ideas on their blogs. My students really enjoyed them and I hope yours do too!

  3. This is adorable! Do you have a pattern that you sell for the elves?

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