Friday, January 20, 2012

Arthur the Aardvark and Around the Town Wrap-Up

This was the perfect 3-day week!  It was perfect timing to end one unit in reading and prepare to start a new one.  

Our Imagine It! Unit was called Around the Town.  I have to admit this is not my favorite unit (we used to have a fossils unit in Open Court and that was much more exciting).  But we got through five stories all focusing on places in our community.  To wrap-up our unit we made "Cameras on the Community."  My students wrote about what they learned from this unit and wrote about their favorite parts of our community.

Since we had a bit of flexibility this week - we were able to do a "book study" of Arthur.  Each student read at least 2 Arthur books before deciding on which one they wanted to do their report on.  Then they created their own Arthur's without any patterns - just their imaginations:)  I think they turned out sooo cute!


  1. LOVE the cameras and the Arthurs are so sweet!

    Grow Up Learning

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