Sunday, March 18, 2012

EGG-cellently Fashioned Eggs Project

I just LOVE Spring!  We are a few short days (only 4 to go) until Spring Break.  This week we are working on an Egg Project and preparing for our very special Egg Day (more information on Egg Day coming soooon!)

I like to give my students a take-home project every so often.  Right now they are working on decorating a plastic egg.  They are then going to use their egg character to write math number stories.  They are due on Monday - but a few have come in early and WOW are they turning out awesome!!!!

Here's a few pictures of some past projects (I have been doing this project with my students for a few years now):

 Here is a sneak peak of this years projects:  
 I didn't get a picture yet - but some students have made Angry Bird Eggs and a Skunk.  (I promise to add the new eggs this week when they all come in)

If you'd like to do this project with your class - please visit my Teacher's Notebook Store and grab a copy!  I've included project direction sheets, Math Number Story recording forms, grading rubrics, student self-rating rubric, and writing extension forms!


  1. I love the eggs! I used to make some great little egg characters when we would decorate eggs growing up! Have a good Sunday!

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