Sunday, April 15, 2012

Brave as a Mountain Lion

This week we read the story, "Brave as a Mountain Lion," in our Imagine It book.  My students really enjoyed this story - I think mostly because they could really relate on how a character had to do something very ordinary - like be in a spelling bee - but was afraid.

We worked on Cause/Effect events from the story as well as characterization.  Then my class worked on making their own connections to the story by thinking about things they have done a million times and were very comfortable doing.  As well as how they fell when they have to try something for the very first time.

Here's some student work samples:

To help them come up with ideas for this project - we brainstormed as a class.  First characterizing Spider at the beginning of the story and then again at the end of the story.  

I am not very good at drawing cute "anchor charts" but my students got the point.

If you'd like to use these resources in your classroom - you can visit my Teacher's Notebook store and pick them up!  Thanks:)


  1. Head over to my blog to see the activity we did with the story! Happy Sunday!!!

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