Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Play Dough Lab

Today we visited the Science Lab.  The students conducted an Engineering lab in which they had to design a process for creating high quality play dough.  They followed the following model:

We brainstormed as a class the materials that we need. What possible solutions exist to this challenge?   
1.      Then the students worked in engineering teams to create a recipe.

1.     We reviewed the design challenge.
2.     Then students develop their own play dough recipe.
The students tested their product to see if it was quality play dough.

IMPROVE or Re-Design
Some groups found that they needed to redesign their play dough because it was too watery or too sticky.  With the help from the "expert" group they were able to successful turn their mixture into quality play dough.

It was a messy process but we all enjoyed the learning experiences!

Here's the actual lab my district provided for us:  Play Dough Lab


  1. That is such a great idea...did you offer them a set list of possible ingredients and then had them decide on the proportions? Or was it more open than that? I would love to try this with my class....

  2. Hello Mrs. Butterworth I've attached a link to the actual lab at the end of the post. Hope this helps and your students enjoy:) We brainstormed a list and the students were given set ingredients they had to determine the amounts and then make adjustments based on the products they created.