Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kindness Unit…Wrap-Up

This is our final week in our Kindness Unit for Imagine It!  We have done a few projects and the students seemed to really enjoy the stories.  Here are some things we've worked on:

As a unit wrap-up - we made Acts of Kindness hearts.  The students made little "match books" for each story.  They reread the story with a partner and then illustrated an example of kindness from the story.  Inside we wrote a sentence about how that story fit into our Kindness Unit.

Our fifth story was Corduroy.  We made an accordion book that illustrated all the different feelings Corduroy had during the story.  I had a sheet from The Mailbox Magazine of the bear faces that they glued onto their book.

For the story, The Lion and the Mouse, students sequenced events from the story.  The pictures came from an Evan-Moore book.


  1. I feel like struck gold with all your Imagine It entries. More please:)

  2. Hi,
    Can you tell me what Evan-Moore book you purchased for The Lion and The Mouse images? I would LOVE to use these images this week for a sequencing/retelling activity with my Kindergarten students. Thank you for your pictures as you inspired me to enhance my whole group lesson with this similar activity!

  3. If you happen to have The Lion and the Mouse pictures/sentences to email I would greatly appreciate it! Would love to do this activity with my students! :)

  4. i would also like the Images from The Lion and the Mouse sequencing . Thanks a bunch!