Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Fun!

Wow!  My students had so much fun yesterday that they were still talking about it today!  I am so glad for these opportunities to make learning fun:)

Here's a few snapshots of our day…

 My students enjoyed sorting their Valentine's Greeting Cards based on their attributes.  Wow were there some great homemade ones.  I am so privileged to be working with such creative students this year!  The activity directions and resources for this activity can be found at my Teacher's Notebook Store: My Sweet Valentine

They also enjoyed a read aloud of "Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse."  Then we talked about how special everyone in our class was and filled out a chart of what makes each person special.  They also reviewed the events from the story by completing a bubble map of Mouse's Valentines.  These resources are called: Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse

Then they had a chance to think about their own special qualities and made a Valentine of what they thought Mouse would give them.  These turned out adorable:)

We also had fun with candy heart explorations!

My candy heart exploration packet is also on Teacher's Notebook: Valentine's Candy Hearts and More

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