Thursday, February 13, 2014

Native Americans

We just wrapped up another successful Native American Unit.  My students had a lot of fun and were very engaged in learning about the 5 different Native American Regions.  Here is a peek at our projects:

Here are all the projects we created as we studied Native Americans.

 Each Region had its own page in our mini- Interactive Notebook.  Students complete a chart with facts about the region such as which tribes lived there, food they ate, homes they lived in, etc….  Then they did partner research with an additional article (I got from Evan-Moor) about a specific tribe from the region.  They then created a foldable with facts.  Finally, we ended each region with creating an artifact that matched.

 We made these Parfleche (Friendship Bags) to hold all our materials and artifacts.

Our Totem Poles from the Pacific Northwest

Straw Loom Weaving - My students had so much fun with this!  This was even easier then last years paper plate looms.  Even my not so coordinated students were able to weave with very little help!  The end result turned out beautiful and some of my students are still wearing them as bracelets.  Another idea would be to only use 3 straws and they could make bookmarks.

Their Teepee's turned out awesome this year!  I'm very proud of the details they put into them.

The Resources I Used:

McGraw Hill: Who We Are As Americans Textbook

This was a great resource.  This is where I got the Buffalo Page from.  I also used reading passages from Evan Moor to complete the foldables.

The Foldables came from:
This is a great resource from Teach123


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